Changsha Danfenrui Electrical Technology Co. Ltd Looking for

                                              • 1. Operators 2
                                                Representation requirements:
                                                1. High school or above with good eyesight under 40
                                                2. Experience in power supply assembly or wire harness making or soldering soldering solder soldering is preferred.
                                                3.Be able to work hard, learn well and obey the arrangement.



                                                2. Reserve cadre(marketing direction) 1 person
                                                Representation requirements:
                                                1. University degree or above, major in marketing, international economy and trade
                                                2. Strong English ability of reading, speaking, reading and writing, strong text background, good data analysis ability;
                                                3. Strong sense of teamwork, good interpersonal and communication skills



                                                3. PCB Engineer 1
                                                Representation requirements:
                                                1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic information engineering, electrical automation, etc..
                                                2. Familiar with high speed digital circuit, analog circuit foundation theory, has solid multi-layer(4 layers above) high speed PCB actual design ability, has FPGA, ARM, X86 board experience is preferred.
                                                3. Good English Reading



                                                4. Structural Engineer 1

                                                Representation requirements:

                                                1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design and automation.

                                                2. Proficient in CAD and ProE software, design three-dimensional and two-dimensional drawings of box and component according to technical requirements, follow-up structural parts manufacture and assembly;

                                                3. Have certain structural strength and thermal analysis ability, good communication skills, strong learning ability.

                                                4. Limited experience in switching power and rail transport.



                                                5. Hardware Engineer 1

                                                Representation requirements:

                                                1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical, automation, etc..

                                                2. At least 2 years experience in hardware design and development of electrical or power products.

                                                3. Strong learning and communication skills



                                                6. Two software engineers

                                                Representation requirements:

                                                1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software, electronics, etc..

                                                2. Familiar with ARM, FPGA, CPLD and other programmable logic control chips and applications, proficient in C, C + + programming, familiar with FreeRT operating system;

                                                3. Familiar with RS 485, CAN, Ethernet, WIFI, 4G and so on.

                                                4. Railway industry power supply or control product experience preferred.



                                                7. Cost and master record accountant 1

                                                Representation requirements:

                                                1. College degree or above, major in accounting or financial management;

                                                2. More than 3 years financial experience, including 2 years cost, general ledger work experience;

                                                3. Familiar with the latest accounting standards and related regulations and policies, understand basic tax law knowledge;

                                                4. Familiar with manufacturing cost accounting method, familiar with using golden butterfly;

                                                5. Overall financial experience is preferred.



                                                8. Quality Manager 1

                                                Representation requirements:

                                                1. Bachelor degree or above;

                                                2. At least 5 years related work experience, 3 years related work experience, with relevant quality management certificate;

                                                3. Experience in power supply or control products in railway industry is preferred.



                                                9. One foreign procurement engineer
                                                Representation requirements:
                                                1. College degree or above, major in electrical automation, motor and motor control, locomotive and vehicle.
                                                2. Have supplier development, management experience, familiar with sheet metal structural parts technology, plating surface treatment, price composition, sensitive to relevant processing market changes;
                                                3. Strong digital processing, report processing, communication and coordination ability, cheerful character, honest and trustworthy, strong sense of responsibility;
                                                4. Short-term travel to accommodate work needs

                                              Fringe benefits

                                              Basic welfare

                                              Five days and eight hours (double - off);

                                              Free working meal (four dishes and one soup, two meat and two vegetables);

                                              Free accommodation (4 people, with air conditioning water heater, and monthly water and electricity subsidies);

                                              The staff of the outstay are provided with external lodging allowance;

                                              Provide free post professional training;

                                              Perfect attendance.

                                              Working age salary.

                                              Vacation and benefits

                                              To enjoy paid wedding leave, maternity leave, maternity leave and leave of care; More than 600 yuan for wedding gift;

                                              Women's day paid leave and holiday allowance or gifts;

                                              Paid funeral leave for 3 days, the distance of the road is entitled to paid trip leave; And have the funeral and consolation gold;

                                              Statutory holidays;

                                              The Mid-Autumn festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the New Year's day, etc. All enjoy holiday allowance/benefits

                                              One of the first red packets of red envelopes will be given to work.

                                              Supplementary benefits

                                              Annual bonus (1-3 times);

                                              Annual leave (full year off, 5 days for each additional two years of annual leave);

                                              Birthday benefits: quarterly birthday parties and birthday allowance/gifts;

                                              Providing transportation subsidy and communication subsidy according to the job category;

                                              July, August and September provide heat protection allowance; Provide cold protection allowance in December, January and February;

                                              Annual physical examination and collective travel of the year.

                                              Application Method

                                              1. Send your resume and recent photo to the mailbox:dfs_zyq@163.com;

                                              2. Notify the interview time and place by mail, text message or telephone;

                                              3. Resume interview;

                                              4、Contact information:0731-86396661;

                                              5、Company address: A1 industrial building, Xingsha industrial base, Changsha Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province, 606;

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